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Welcome to the website of Cathy “Redhotness” Jackson, Author. Enjoy a variety of fiction, from Christian Romance to fantasy novels. Please bookmark this site now, and make yourself at home!

Cathy Jackson

Books by local author Cathy Jackson

Cathy Jackson has one book published and several more in the works. Her next novel is Hold Me Loosely.

Books by Cathy Jackson

One of the most exciting moments in an author’s life is when the books come in! This is a photo of the first shipment of a book by Cathy Jackson titled As You Wish.

Christian Romance novel

As You Wish is a clean, wholesome book the whole family can enjoy.

Cathy’s next title is Hold Me Loosely, coming out in the fall of 2014. Pre-order your copy today!

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The designer of the book trailer for As you Wish is Opal Campbell. Check her out for great deals on your next book trailer. Click play to watch it.

Hold Me Loosely



Desiree DeOrto designed the cover for As You Wish. Cathy recommends Desiree for authors who need excellent cover art.

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