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Cathy Jackson

As You Wish

book excerpt

Book excerpt

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Sitting down on a bench at 3 a.m., Daniel watched as it began to rain softly. It was a very light rain—more of a heavy mist—and he huddled into his long coat. It wasn’t a cold rain like it would have been in his own country. He gazed at the road as the water slowly began to collect into a small puddle.   

He didn’t see the woman as she made her way down, appearing out of the mist like a ghost. He didn’t see that she wasn’t really looking where she was going but was just wandering.

Looking up, Elizabeth saw a bench and sat down on it. She had on a short jacket and a wide-brimmed hat, both of which kept the rain from her, not that she noticed it had started raining.

She was lost in her memory: the memory of her husband and their life together. They had five wonderful children when he was taken from her. His life insurance covered the mortgage on their American home with a considerable amount left over, and the call to move to a different country had been appealing. So she and her children had pulled out a map and decided where their new home would be. They had settled in at a bed and breakfast, and found a church.

Now, as she sat on the bench in the rain, she wondered if the kids were ready to move on again. She felt restless herself, and was ready to move on. She had already lost so much: her husband, her mother, her father, and her only brother. All had died in less than five years.

Elizabeth hoped disaster didn’t follow her. She needed a time of peace.

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